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First Tee – Delaware:   Position Statement for Programming Sessions (REVISED) – Social Distancing & Wearing Masks
Effective Immediately:  7/26/2021

First Tee – Delaware is fully focused on being proactive and preemptive to provide a SAFE environment where our participants can learn. thrive and have fun.

Our reality is that the great majority of our participants are not vaccinated.   To be proactive for the rest of our Summer II Session/classes, and potentially into the Fall Session, we will be taking the following actions and making recommendations for our participants and parents:

  • Require that all our coaches and participants be extremely disciplined and practice social distancing throughout the class from the opening remarks to the end of the class lesson.
  • Require all our coaches to wear masks during the class during the remainder of the Summer II session.   If the coach is effectively social distancing – there is a minimum of 6-feet between coach and the kids/teens in the class –  the coach may adjust their mask to not have it cover their face (i.e. drop it below their nose and mouth, or dangle it from the ear).  When a coach does decide to instruct a child within 6-feet (i.e. grip, stance, swing), the coach must have their mask cover their face.
  • We will continue to require participants to bring a mask to class.  If they go inside the facility where the class is being conducted, they must wear their mask.   During our classes, even though the classes are outside,  we strongly recommend that our participants wear masks during the class if they are not vaccinated.  If the participant is bothered by the mask when addressing the ball,  she/he can drop the mask to below their mouth and then move it up when they are not hitting.  While we are outside and the risk is lower to test positive, we want to ensure we do all we can do to minimize negative consequences for all attending our classes.
  • Strongly recommend parents are extremely disciplined regarding social distancing and have masks with them, wear them if social distancing cannot be maintained while they are at our classes around other parents. This recommendation will apply to all parents – those that are and are not vaccinated.

We will continue to sanitize the teaching aids and the golf equipment/balls we use before and after the classes.   With any age group, if our participants are not following the social distance guidelines – we will ask parents to stand with their child and help the coaches manage this critical aspect of our COVID safety guidelines.

We will also continue to actively monitor State of Delaware and CDC guidelines to ensure we are doing all we can do keep our coaches, participants, and parents be safe.  Feel free to contact any of our staff members, our Site Coordinators or our coaches for further discussion if needed.

Parents, Guardians and Participants,

Thank you again for your interest in our Life Skills Sessions. We are looking forward to spending a few weeks/months with all our participants in 2022. 

Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before start time to sign in for the first class to help our coaches organize their respective groups. Some helpful hints/tips are listed below to help you prepare to come to our classes.

“We are Family” is a theme that underlies all we do at First Tee – Delaware. Welcome (back) to our family! All our coaches volunteer their time. We are truly blessed to have this team of certified coaches. In support of the class and our coaches, First Tee – Staff: Charma Bell – Program Director, Scott Allen, Senior Southern Delaware Coordinator, Leslie McGuigan – Business Manager, or myself, can help answer any questions you might have as well.

To get you started, here are some general thoughts in preparing for classes:

  • Have your child dress in comfortable clothes that is weather of the day appropriate. Know is the summer and the weather is warm and can rain at time. Remember to apply sunscreen if needed, wear a hat/visor to protect their head or face from the sun.
  • PLEASE bring your own water bottle/drink to class. We want our participants to stay hydrated.
  • We encourage our participants to wear collared shirts (if possible). If not, no worries – neat and comfortable works just as well.
  • Shoes – can just be sneakers or something comfortable. There will be running around, and exercise as part of each class.
  • If your child has golf clubs, please bring them along. If NOT, know that we provide the necessary clubs and balls and additional equipment if needed.
  • If we are going to have a weather event which will impact the class, we will post on our website’s ALERTS Page, on our Social Media Platforms – Facebook & Twitter, the status no later than 1 hour before the start of your class. If we can, your Coach will try to contact you via email, text and/or phone call. So please double check your parent portal to make sure all your contact information is up to date. If after looking at the website, or social media, if there is still a doubt, please contact the coach via text or email. The coach will provide you her/his contact information on the first day of classes.
  • If your child must miss a session (life happens), it is ok. Please let your Coach know if possible. You can also email our business Manager, Leslie McGuigan at [email protected] and she will notify your coach. We will work with you to the best of our ability, to find a makeup class. We have other opportunities for the child to join other classes at other courses.

Along with your registration with First Tee – Delaware, our partnership with the Delaware State Golf Association (DSGA) will automatically register you with Youth On Course (YOC) – – an organization that also expands Access to Opportunities through the game of golf. You will receive an email from DSGA/YOC that will ask you to complete your registration or “Get started with your membership.” It may take a few weeks for you to receive this email, as we need to provide a final roster to be input into their system.

Please always remember to frequently visit our First Tee – Delaware Chapter’s website:  It is an incredible source of information as to what is going on in our chapter with Programs & Events, in addition to links to the National First Tee website:

As with most non-profit organizations, we could not exist without our volunteers and the donations that we receive from our communities. Please visit our Events page often to see how you can help throughout the year. Please do not hesitate to email or call one of our staff members for more information.

If you have any questions, please contact Charma Bell, Program Director at [email protected], or at 302.593.2062, Scott Allen, Senior Southern Delaware Coordinator at [email protected] or at 702-861-9818 or Leslie McGuigan at [email protected] or 302.290.1250, or call, text or email your coach with the information they provided you.

Looking forward to seeing you during our 2021 Summer II Session.

All the best.

Bob Norris
Executive Director, First Tee – Delaware
Office – 302.384.8759
Mobile – 302.584.0958
Email:  [email protected]