Charles Schwab Challenge Grant

We’ve Accepted the Challenge, Will You Join Us?


As First Tee wrapped-up a 25th anniversary celebration in 2022, this truly transformational – Game-Changing – opportunity to our Chapters is still in-play. The program, launched in 2021, presents every Chapter the opportunity to significantly grow and evolve over the next several years. Our goal is to ensure that First Tee’s mission and work continue to change the lives of young people and communities. This program is only possible because of the leadership and commitment of Charles Schwab. He and his company believe in the mission of First Tee and the power of our Chapters to change the game for young people. The Charles Schwab Challenge Grant program runs from 2021-2026, with grants payable to Chapters from 2022-2027.

The challenge is to grow Donor-Generated Revenue (DGR) year-over-year, inspiring local investment and resulting in a deeper impact within each Chapter’s community. Chapters will be awarded grants based on annual donor revenue growth over the previous year. For every $2 the chapter raises, you will be eligible for $1, up to a maximum payout each year.

Historically, First Tee has set up Chapter challenge grants to provide financial resources when Chapters have met key criteria pertinent to growth. The most recent challenge grant was funded via the Johnson & Johnson Chapter Matching Grant.

This highly successful program challenged our Chapters to grow their donor base and increase their annual fundraising. From 2012– 2014, the grants resulted in 171 Chapters receiving funding totaling more than $8.4 million. This was a 1-to-2 grant with Johnson & Johnson providing $1 for every $2 raised above the previous year’s budget. The monetary impact over the three-year span resulted in a 50% total financial growth of our Chapters, growing from $51 million in 2011 to $76.7 million in 2014. Perhaps most importantly, Chapters have continued financial growth (except in 2020), now raising more than $90 million annually.

We are inspired by Mr. Schwab’s investment in our work and look forward to the incredible impact it will have on kids and families in communities across the country and around the world.

The four objectives of the Charles Schwab Challenge Grant program are:

  1. To focus efforts on increasing Donor-Generated Revenue
  2. To inspire Chapters to improve their stewardship and gift upgrading efforts over an extended period
  3. To increase the percentage of funds generated by donors over the life of the program
  4. To enhance Chapter sustainability so that when the program concludes, donor stewardship and yearly donor gift upgrading is the norm

If you are giving through a company match, stock and/or legacy program, please search for: Urban Youth Golf Program Association (original organization name since 1994). Our Federal Tax Non-Profit Identification Number is: 33-1103722

If you are making a donation through the United Way, Identification Number is: 12750